"Insanely good"

-Literary Titan

Nora Novak knows cuttlefish.


Actually, Nora knows a lot of species. She can name every shark, whale, eel, and Ohioian turtle (among others).


She's not as committed with humans.


But she's only been in her lab for a little over a decade. How much could she have missed?

As she's wrapping up her postdoc, Nora's carefully-balanced ecosystem is in crisis. Her maze-navigating cuttlefish are retiring. Polyester shorts are no longer "in." Somewhere along the line, she forgot to learn how to date.


So she does what any self-actualizing biologist in her early thirties would. Nora Novak embraces the #FOMO.

Cuttle is available in hardcover, paperback, large print, and ebook formats.


Cover design by Tom Anderson.

Interior illustrations by David North.